4-Town Poker Run

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Join our 4-Town Poker Run to collect food and raise funds for outreach and Operation Hope. See the Route Map below for more details. Please share it with other riders and motorists who may want to participate. ALL VEHICLES WELCOME!

NOTE — Registration for the 4-town Poker Run has moved up one hour, to 9:00am. Also, the last vehicle (motorcycle or car / truck) MUST start their route by 1:00pm; the Final Poker Chip Draw at Harmon Field ends at 4:00pm. 
Any additional Chips purchased at Harmon Field (up to two more, for $5 apiece) must be bought by 4:15pm. At 4:15pm, the point values assigned to each Chip color will be determined by a random draw on-stage. Then players can tally their points on the Scorecard, and a winner will be selected by 4:45pm. If there are any ties, the winner will be determined by a blind card drawing on-stage.


Poker Chips